Effectiveness of Recombined Milk

Recombined milk refers to the product developed when butter oil, skim milk powder and water are consolidated to the right extent to yield liquid milk. The milk fat may likewise be acquired from different sources like unsalted butter or plastic cream. The creation of recombined milk is as of now not in regular practice.


Fresh milk has a very limited time period with shelf life and is easily spoiled by several bacterial enzymes with exposure to direct sunlight. Distribution is exceptionally difficult in tropical climates and in places where the distance between milk producer and end user is generally great. In those places fresh milk is used to replace with several other sturdy forms of milk, well known as “condensed or UHT-sterilized milk”. Recombination of milk is a kind of alternative manner of supplying a product that closely resembles fresh dairy based milk to markets, where the originated fresh and pure milk is not available. The overall producer of recombined milk and milk goods has been well conventional in many countries around the globe, and an assortment of processes and equipments which equipped with latest technology has been developed for this purpose. The moralities of the processes are much the same. The original applications were liquid milk, but this process was followed by production of recombined evaporated milk and sweetened condensed mixture of milk. A study done on recombined milk market states that, presently a recombination method also includes cheese, butter and yoghurt. Recombined milk used to raise the effectiveness of health area to area, by which more considerable amount of nutrition is used in a wide manner. The processes have been industrialized over the years from simple set of operations to sophisticated and crucial systems with great capacities.

The major processes in the basic mixture and recombining operations are:

  • Weighing and mixing
  • Raw material management
  • Filtration
  • Homogenization and pasteurization

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