Advantages of Self-controlled Analgesia Pumps

Self-controlled Analgesia Pumps is also termed as Patient-controlled analgesia (PCA). It is a procedure used to control pain through delivery system, wherein the patient has the power to control their respective pain. A patient is able to self-administer predetermined doses of analgesic medication to alleviate the intensity of pain. Nowadays, these have become a standard form of pain management and when it is programmed and the functioning is as intended, the machine is very unlikely to render any overdose of medication. A self-controlled analgesia pump consists of a computerized pump that comprises of a syringe of pain medication as per the prescription of a doctor, is connected to the patient’s intravenous (IV) line. In a few cases, the pump tuned in such a way that it delivers small and steady flow of pain medication. Further, extra doses of medication can be self-administered depending on the requirement just by having the patient press a button. These pain management pumps are frequently used by patients who are recovering from an invasive surgery and by people who are dealing with any other kinds of pain. Also, kids who are 4 to 6 years will also benefit from these pumps with the help of a nurse or a parent.


There are several ways of administering the pain medication with the help of the pump, such as intravenous (IV), epidural, oral, nasal, inhaled, and transcutaneous. Of these, IV and epidural self-controlled analgesia are the two most commonly used. Self-controlled epidural analgesia is a term pertaining to describing the patient-controlled administration of analgesic medicine in the patient’s epidural space, by means of infusion pumps or sporadic boluses. These are especially used by pregnant women, who go through labor, terminal cancer patients or to tackle with post operative pain. A study on self-controlled analgesia pumps market, the healthcare provider should always observe the first administration of any self-controlled analgesia medication that has not yet been administered by the provider to counter to any kinds of allergic reactions. Advantages of these pumps include enhanced pain relief and improved patient satisfaction. Contrary effects such as hypotension, nausea, respiratory depression and vomiting still occur with this procedure.


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